50+ Easter Basket Ideas that are CHEAPER IN-STORE

Don't Spend Your Money on Junk Toys this Easter! Get Your Kid's Favorite Toys In-Store for Less Than a Chocolate Bunny!

I have been scanning Walmart deals for weeks now trying to come up the best/ most cost effective items to put in your kids Easter Baskets. If I see a deal, I just buy it, because parents are going to be frantically looking for something cool and most of the items online are going to be sold out or they will lack in FUN (obviously, that is just my opinion). I have noticed that there are some of my go-to items selling online marked up 600% from in-store prices, so any time I thought the deal was way too good to be true, or if it was the last one of some type of collectible pouch/egg/box with everyone's favorite character I bought it for my site. Kids love to tear open the smallest packages, and the blind bags fit perfectly in the basket, but... they're not cheap.

Ok I apologize for the annoying blog-like post before we get to the list, but truthfully most people have already stopped reading by now, so they will not know that most of the items on my site are already sold out or overpriced online and I paid less than $2 for almost everything on my site, because some toys at Walmart will ring up for A LOT less than you would normally pay. You just need to use the Walmart app to find those deals and buy the toys that are selling for a $1 instead of $20 for today only.

I separated my toys by: Obviously Extremely Girly, Little Kids Love It, Probably a Boy Thing, and Children's Books.
If your girl child loves boy things or vice versa, please do not get offended by the listing names, it was easier for me to sort items with glitter and bows from battles and dirt (dirt is an actual item on here, but its way cooler dirt).
Also, there is no real order starting with most preferred or least expensive, the lists just include items that I found in the toy section that kids seem to love and fits perfectly in the basket (or next to the basket, I found big items, too).

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Here's the "very random, probably way cheaper in a store near you" list:

Lego: small packs, mini packs, small boxes, character boxes, almost anything that your kid loves has a special Lego bag to build those characters (hard to find for $1, but not impossible!)

Trolls: mini guitars, mini candy guitars, surprise/ mystery mini character globes, medium eggs, doll size eggs (I found one Walmart that discounts New Troll items down to 10 cents some days)

Frozen 2: soft dolls for littles, mystery character globes, fashion dolls, singing dolls

LOL: mystery doll balls 😂Sometimes you can find the Cheerleader L.O.L Surprise Dolls for a quarter

Anime: small action figures (this is super popular and sold out online, but I've seen them everywhere in store)

Superheroes: action figures are not outrageously priced

Minecraft: Legos, mystery cubes, favorite character minis
Fortnite: plush and SMALL action figures, anything you can see without a microscope costs "an arm and a leg"

Sonic: basically anything with Sonic is on sale in-stores, maybe online, too
Small Games/Art kits: Harry Potter Uno, Toddler card games

Ryan's World (YouTube Child Millionaire that your child watches while he plays with toys and sells his science experiments): stay away from the eggs, try to find the larger square packs (I have no clue why they are so much cheaper in store, but you're welcome)

Blippi: consider yourself lucky if you can say excavator without singing it, he has so many little items...Good Job!

Paw Patrol: not cheap in store or online, personally I would skip all things paw patrol, I did find a cute Chase bank that was not big enough to hold my son's money, he's rich in pennies

Dinosaurs: ok, if your kid is a little bit interested in dinosaurs, then there are so many dino eggs on sale right now (including eggs made out of actual dirt, but your kid would learn how to excavate different tiny dinosaurs, slowly & carefully, could take hours... hint hint... if you're a parent like me that needs a minute after your kids have been pumped full of sugar/ the obligatory chocolate bunny) You could easily make dinosaurs a whole basket theme, if you're into that sort of thing

Watches: there are a lot of character watches and toddler watches for less than $5, these could fit in a big egg with packaging or just remove the packaging early, you will have to do it anyways

Disney Princess: Color purses with jewelry, some of their dolls are almost clearance priced compared to online

Blind Bags/ Mystery Eggs: pretty much any character you can think of has some tiny toy version of themselves in a bag, box, egg, ball, etc.

Peppa pig/ Blue's Clues: same price as online... just sit on the couch to order some Peppa or Blue (the Blue's Clues phone, watch, mini plush, and handy dandy notebook are not awful and the prices are o..k..)

Minnie and Mickey: Minnie has really almost become like a Barbie/ baby doll in-store she has baby beds, kitchens, cash registers, tiny outfits sold separately

Disney Characters: $5 plush of a lot of your favorites in store and online

Polly Pocket: she has made a very modern come-back and I still love her tiny everything (not cheap, no known sales)

Fun Phone Charger/ Cord Protectors: these are probably cheaply made and might turn out to be junk, but my kid got excited to grab a handful of them to share with her friends

Valentine's/ Valentine's crafts: this is usually not my thing. I'm not usually a fan of putting different holiday items together, but I have a toddler boy that needs an activity from time to time, so I saw the Valentines in-store with 20 boxes with 5 stickers each or stencils or decorate your valentine bag with stickers or create your own valentine box (shark, unicorn, castle, dino/monster) and they were 10-26 cents (you can't even buy that many stickers for 10 cents). Most of them didn't have hearts on them at all and they were jungle or sea creature stickers.
Also, I can sew face masks and still hate to wear them. So, if your city still has those "masks required" signs and you see one on my site that you or your kids wouldn't hate to wear, then I would throw that in the cart and in the Easter baskets, too.... why? Why not?
Well, I guess this turned into a blog, my very first blog that was supposed to be a numbered listing, oh well I'll number the products in my store as I post them, so you know what you can find in store for basically a dollar, or buy it from me if you want it shipped quickly or you can't find it (some of these were hidden finds and they might not be sold anymore).

I'm going to be adding new stuff everyday, because I found SO MANY TOY DEALS and I am running out of room in my house to store them.

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Little Kids Love It

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Probably a Boy Thing

Wild, loving, gross, adventurous, Probably a Boy Thing Awesome Easter Basket Ideas

Obviously Extremely Girly

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Children's Books

We have a new Kids' Library from all of the Great Easter Basket Deals In-Store

HEDM Heather Moore

I originally started HEDMade to have a way to provide protection for more people by sewing face masks during the pandemic (I am still sewing masks until the "Masks Required" signs are nonexistent). Now, I'm trying to add new homemade items to my shop. So far, I have made Dog/ Pet Beds, Dog Handkerchiefs, Scrub Caps, and Welding Caps (listings coming soon). Any ideas of what I should sew next?? Email me, I need new ideas.

In the meantime, I thought that I should try selling these toys that I got for pennies on the dollar to people that are actually looking for the items. Hopefully, this list of severely reduced toys will help inspire parents that are not looking forward to Easter Bunny shopping by letting them know that there are SO MANY toys out there that are WAY less expensive if you are not looking at them on a screen, but if you still do not want to get out of the house, then I tried to add a random assortment of things that appeared to be popular and I tried to reduce my prices lower than anyone online and to help overcompensate for shipping costs that you may have from buying from me directly instead of a box store. I'm still looking for great deals almost daily, so check my site for new additions (maybe even after Easter).

OOOH, I have TONS of freebie plush animals, character stickers/ pencils/ magnets/ clings/ craft boxes that I bought to keep my kids entertained. Please let me know if you are interested and I will throw them into your box while I package your Easter goodies. If you do bring yourself to go into the nearest SUPER Walmart, don't forget to check the book section for any price reductions. I found so many, I had to add them to this blog last minute and create a new "Kids' Books" section to my shop.